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Preventive care is the best way to promote your pet's health and well being

Pet Annual Wellness Plans make providing high quality health care for your pet easy. PAW Plans are not insurance but annual care plans that offer significant discounts on preventive services and allow you to spread the cost of care over 12 months. Our PAW Plans include semi-annual comprehensive wellness exams, up to two additional office visits, vaccinations, screenings, blood tests and additional services depending on the selected plan level.

Our PAW Plan will help you provide your pet with a comprehensive level of preventive care. Adopting a plan early on, you have the opportunity to eliminate or minimize the possibility of potential health risks to your pet. Regardless of your companion's age, taking advantage of our preventive care plan will assist you with the early detection and treatment.  

The plan was developed for your companion to receive a broad range of services at an exceptional value to you. We will work together to give your companion the best care at an affordable cost. Give us a call for more information about PAW Plans or if you have any questions related to your pet's health.

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